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December 26, 2002

Mother Of Two Found Strangled To Death

From: WOAI, TX - 26 Dec 2002

The day after Christmas and tragedy strikes a northwest side family. A mother is found dead, strangled in her home. Her 4-year old daughter says she knows who did it. Police were called out to a home near 1604 and Culebra. Neighbors called them after seeing a 2-year old girl walking around, outside, by herself.

Police are investigating 28-year old Trishawn Fifer's death as a homicide. Neighbors say the 4-year old told them Fifer's stepfather killed her. Neighbor, Erica Bicknell, asked Fifer's 4-year old what was wrong. She told them her mother was asleep. But she was dead. The medical examiner says Fifer was strangled to death. The northwest side neighborhood is in shock that the hearing impaired mother of two was found dead.

"She's so sweet, she's the sweetest woman because she couldn't hear. She tried to help everybody she can," said Erica Bicknell, neighbor.

Fifer was also six months pregnant with her third child.

Fifer's husband and stepfather have been taken in for questioning. Police are treating the death as a homicide. But no on has been charged.

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