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November 3, 2002

The candidates respond

From: Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL
Nov. 3, 2002

Staff Writer

DAYTONA BEACH -- Here's how the eight candidates for Volusia County Council seats responded to some of the concerns raised by local voters with disabilities:

Councilman Big John, at-large, who has encouraged expanded bus service and beach accessibility: "People with disabilities go through a lot of trouble daily just to live life. By the end of the day, most of them don't have enough energy left to fight for their rights or issues. That's why we're here, to do it for them."

Joie Alexander, at-large, who said she has worked as a social worker:

"My heart would be in the right place. I would like to do everything I can within the constraints of our budget."

Councilman Joe Jaynes, District 4, who supports an advisory board that would deal solely with the issues of people with disabilities:

"An advisory board could help us direct money toward projects and facilities that would help people with disabilities."

Stan Lee, candidate for District 4 seat, who opposes an advisory board because it would add another layer of government:

"We should get the private sector involved in doing things for the disabled, because the private sector will get things done a lot quicker than government will."

Councilman Dwight Lewis, District 1, who said he has suggested ways to make the county's beaches more accessible: "People with disabilities are regular people with special needs. There's never enough money to address everyone's needs, but your compassion leads you to want to do everything you can."

Barb Shepherd, candidate for District 1 seat, who supports sign-language interpreters and tape recordings of public meetings:

"It is in our best interest, as a countywide community, to assure that we remove barriers that could prevent people with disabilities from taking an active citizenship role."

Dennis Vincenzi, candidate for District 3 seat, who supports further education on the issues of people with disabilities:

"The council needs to work closely with agencies that help the disabled. It would also be important to see how much individual projects cost the county."

Jack Hayman, candidate for District 3 seat, who supports expanded bus routes. Hayman is hearing-impaired:

"I understand well what the needs of people with disabilities are. We are not doing enough for them and they are forgotten. That needs to change."

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