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November 7, 2002

Phil Collins to Take Touring Break

From: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, FL
Nov. 7, 2002

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Phil Collins will be taking a hiatus from touring so he can protect his ears.

Collins suffers from ear problems stemming from a year and a half ago, when he was recording his new album, "Testify." He developed "sudden deafness," a viral infection that killed cells and affected his hearing in one ear.

Collins was supposed to sing "We Are the Champions" at Queen Elizabeth's jubilee concerts in June. When they were rehearsing, the guitars and drums started playing and it was incredibly loud. He said the pain was unbearable.

Collins said an accident in concert could do the same thing to him, so he won't be doing much touring.

The singer feels that the break might be good for him. "I probably am the kind of person that needs that, to be told. Otherwise I will try to do everything," he told The Associated Press.

But he doesn't want his fans to think that he is retiring. He said that music is the kind of thing that is hard to leave.

"If you worked in a bank, I could understand you saying that you're retiring," he said. "If you like what you do, it's hard to get away from it. I kind of live and breathe it."

"Testify" will be in stores Tuesday.

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