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November 11, 2002

New Technology Helping Those With Hearing Loss

From: KTUL, OK
Nov. 11, 2002

Oklahoma City - New technology could revolutionize the way we deal with hearing loss. Hearing aids have helped, but computers can do even more.

Americans of all ages suffer from hearing loss, but with the proper high-tech help, sufferers are able to hear what they've been missing.

Charles Brown knows all too well the effects of hearing loss. The everyday conversations he once enjoyed got more difficult and talking on the phone became almost impossible. Charles knew that something had to be done. Luckily, Dr. Michael Dennis from OU was there to help.

"I had been told by other hearing professionals that the loss that I had was nerve loss and irreversible," Brown says. "So, I was discouraged from trying the technology."

The new technology consists of programmable hearing aids, which enabled audiologists to find the perfect setting. But, this takes time because the brain has to be re-trained.

"The brain is not used to having that kind of activity," says Dennis. "It's been silent for some period of time."

Audiologists know the proper technique for re-training. Charles is excited about getting his hearing back and offers this advice to others who may be suffering.

"They should investigate this. Their quality of life will improve dramatically."

The new technology is also re-programmable, saving you money should your hearing change.

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