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November 11, 2002

Homemade Fuel Tank Stopped Near Capitol

From: WRC-TV, DC
Nov. 11, 2002

Man Tried To Make 30-Hour, Nonstop Trip

WASHINGTON -- A Texas man's unusual way of honoring veterans came to a quick end Monday afternoon near the U.S. Capitol.

D.C. firefighters were returning from a call at the Botanical Gardens when they noticed an odd site behind the building, along First Street Southwest.

Firefighters said a Mazda was towing a trailer with a 100-gallon fuel tank. A banner proclaimed the car was making a non-stop, 30-hour drive from San Antonio, Texas to New York City to mark Veterans Day.

D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman Alan Etter said the Mazda's fuel tanks had been removed and replaced with a homemade fuel injection system. The car was powered by gas in the 100-gallon tank. Electricity from the battery was also being conducted to the trailer, apparently to run the lights.

Hazmat and police disconnected it and questioned the driver, who was a deaf mute dressed in camouflage, but did not press any charges. His car, trailer and tank were towed to a safe area.

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