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November 3, 2002

Collector's Corner: A Collection with Special Meaning

From: Auctionbytes
Nov. 3, 2002

By Karen Catalioto
November 03, 2002

A "collectible" is an item being collected either for its appreciation in value over time, or for the satisfaction the owner receives from owning, using and displaying the items.

I started my collections because they represent my life, my home environment, my life style. In my early 20s, I started with the Precious Moments figurines, because of the manufacturer's representation of Christianity and its specialty towards animals and the handicapped. I am a Christian hearing-impaired animal lover. I was also inspired by an acquaintance, who collected them with her sister. I purchased the figurines hat depicted the rain-drop eyes of a girl with a cat or with a dog or both.

As I eventually moseyed on to a different collection in my 30s, I fell in love with rubber-stamping and scrap-booking, because they value family ethics and about being thoughtful towards others. I had a Tuxedo cat (who passed away) and have a red/white Persian cat, along with a Shih Tzu dog. Therefore, I collect (and use) rubber stamps that depict them and their ways. Not only have I succeeded in finding several Shih Tzu, Persian, and Tuxedo stamps, I've also branched out to seasonal stamps with dogs and cats involved.

I have amassed such a collection of stamps that I've purchased various shelves to properly display them. I don't put them away in the drawers or boxes. I have one shelf for Christmas, the other for other seasons, the other for animals, the other for miscellaneous, etc.

I also collect figurines, statues, sculptures, and miniatures of a Shih Tzu (any color), a Persian (reds), and a Tuxedo. I'm mainly partial to the stamps, because they don't sit there and take up so much room like the figurines; you can use them at play by creating and making things with them. The retired figurines and stamps have very high re-selling values, and I know I can have them as security for my future.

Anytime you acquire or are given an item that you absolutely do not want, don't throw it away; hold on to it and research and find out if there is a value. Maybe somebody else will value it and pay big money for it.
About the author:

Karen Catalioto from Phoenix, Arizona, is "funcollector" on and "Funcollector" on She mainly buys on eBay and also supports buying from local merchants. She has been with eBay since June of 1999 and RubberStampAuction since June of 2002. She is an active member of the OAUA since January of 2000, as "funcollectorgirl." Check out her eBay About Me page:

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