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November 12, 2002

ALERT! - Deaf Caution Product

From: DeafWatch, CA (ALERT) Nov. 12, 2002

There's a product being pushed at the website that claims to protect the deaf people from the law enforcement.

You can see a lot of dangerous misrepresentations on their website. Their marketing method is an excellent way to advance hatred toward police officers.

I wont be surprised to see deaf people get themselves killed for trying to follow instructions on the card in the presence of a law enforcement officer.

I feel this product will have a divisive impact between deaf people and the law enforcement. This product will be a quick way to undo many decades of public relations activities the deaf community, their advocates, and organizations have put into improving relations between the law enforcement and the deaf community.

For years, the State Office of Deaf Access has been passing out a blue card for Law Enforcement Agencies. You an get thousands of them free from California State Office of Deaf Access. We did get them free to pass out to people for free also. And we pass them FREE to police officers in settings conducive to positive relations with them.

Here's a pic of the free card from the state:

OCDAC Educates security guards:

OCDAC Educates police departments:
[Fountain Valley Police Chief Elvin Miali (center) receives communication guides from Richard Roehm of Santa Ana (left) and Mohammed Ibrahim of Riverside (right)

We got many letters from local police depts asking for the cards. We imply gave them instructions to get them from the state printers. We been doing this on a statewide basis for the past 4 yrs.

Call the State office of Deaf Access and they may give u a stack free or for a very small price. And pass them out to police officers in your area and it'll be a big jump in the positive direction of good relations with police officers.

Richard Roehm