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October 16, 2002

Students sign off with learning program

From: Wodonga Border Mail, Australia
Oct. 16, 2002

SIGN language has become the next best way of communicating at St Monicas Primary School in Wodonga.

Two years ago the school introduced the Auslan, or Australian Sign Language, program into the school.

Auslan teacher Mrs Julie King said all grades in the school were participating in the program.

“Studies have shown that the program helps with literacy skills and many children find it easier to learn with physical things,” Mrs King said.

“We have a deaf boy who was enrolled in the school by his parents because of the program.

“They felt that it would give him better access to the community with his peers because they were learning sign language.”

Mrs King said students and teachers at St Monicas had been celebrating National Week of the Deaf Person by holding activity days to teach the children more about the deaf community.

“We had members of the deaf community come into the school to communicate with the children,” Mrs King said.

“The activity days went really well with the children learning a great deal about sign language and ways of communicating.”

She said the program had a long-term future at the school.

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