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October 27, 2002

Hearing-damaged Phil Collins may not tour again

From: Ananova, UK
Oct. 27, 2002

Phil Collins doubts he will tour again after suffering hearing problems.

The former Genesis star say his buzzing ears will allow him only "odd concerts".

In an interview with Radio Times, he also takes a swipe at Sir Paul McCartney.

He says he is "mystified" as to why the ex-Beatle landed a knighthood.

Collins said: "I never quite got over the idea of McCartney being knighted when George (Harrison) and Ringo (Starr) weren't. What makes him so special?"

"The group was the phenomenon - I was mystified."

Collins was struck with hearing problems two years ago which have left him half-deaf in one ear.

It looks to have put paid to plans for his Big Band to tour every couple of years.

"I can sing, write and do the odd concert," he said. "Whoever is up there is saying 'You don't need to tour for ever, dragging your family around the world.

"I don't want to sit and panic and wonder what I'll do. Another door has already opened with film soundtracks," added Collins, who wrote the music for Disney's Tarzan.

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