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October 17, 2002

Hearing centre open

From: Calgary Sun, Canada
Oct. 17, 2002


Growing up after losing his hearing was no easy feat for David Bouchie.

Services were scattered, he had to borrow notes from schoolmates and decided not to pursue university because of a lack of supports.

"I was constantly running around," said Bouchie, who now works for the municipality of Wetaskiwin and spends home hours with his kids and his hearing-ear dog Yairi.

Now real-time closed captioning -- available for events like weddings and funerals or court cases -- and translation to sign language are just some of the services housed under one roof in Calgary.

Diagnostics to specialized rehabilitation services and most importantly, emotional support, are available for the deaf and hard-of-hearing at the new Thibodeau's Centre for Hearing and Health Communication at 1633 1632 14 Ave. N.W.

"It's more than just hearing aids, it's really the emotional health of individuals to accept the loss and deal with feelings of isolation and depression," said Michael O'Reilly, centre director.

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