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October 5, 2002

Father killed saving deaf daughter from motorbike

From: Ananova, UK
Oct. 5, 2002

A father-of-three was killed when he was hit by a motorbike as he tried to stop his deaf five-year-old daughter from running into the road.

Ralph Hedley Potts, 55, died in hospital an hour after the accident in Coventry, West Midlands Police confirm.

The motorcyclist, who struck Mr Potts after apparently swerving to avoid his daughter Chloe, failed to stop at the scene.

Sgt Kevin Doyle says the victim had paid a terrible price for what was a

reflex reaction that any father would have made.

"Chloe is profoundly deaf and can only communicate through sign language. She could not hear the motorbike and did not know it was approaching," the officer added.

"I am appealing directly to the rider of the motorbike to come forward -it's essential you contact us to help with the inquiry,

"I can understand a moment of panic and you will be dealt with compassionately."

Mr Potts, who also had two grown up children, is understood to have been

estranged from his partner.

Anyone with any information about the incident is urged to contact traffic officers stationed at Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry.

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