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October 11, 2002

Dspfactory forms partnership with Australian research centre spin-off

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Oct. 11, 2002

World-leading algorithms written onto Toccata chipset

WATERLOO, ON and MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, October 11, 2002 -- Dspfactory Ltd., a leading provider of open programmable digital signal processing (DSP) technology for hearing aids, headsets, PDAs, and other portable devices, and Dynamic Hearing Pty. Ltd. of Melbourne, Australia, today announced a strategic marketing partnership.

Dynamic Hearing's world-leading algorithms have been implemented onto Dspfactory's Toccata chipset. Dynamic Hearing has also joined Dspfactory's Solutions Alliance Partnership Program (SAPP) -- a network of companies working together to integrate and jointly market their products.

Dynamic Hearing's advanced digital signal processing software, called ADRO, has the ability to significantly transform the way that traditional hearing aid manufacturers approach solutions for extremely hearing impaired markets and in the way that audiologists and dispensers tailor solutions to fit their individual clients' hearing needs.

Dspfactory's Toccata platform provides the flexibility and processing power required by today's most advanced sound processing algorithms, such as those designed by Dynamic Hearing, all within an ultra-small footprint that makes it ideal for miniature devices such as hearing instruments. It draws very little power, providing users with longer battery life and reduced battery replacement costs, along with enhanced speech and sound intelligibility.

"Our ADRO solution has tremendous global market opportunities. The next step in commercialization was to choose the technology platform that would best help us to succeed. We evaluated a very wide range of available digital platforms for ADRO and found that Dspfactory's Toccata open programmable platform provided unmatched speed, power consumption and ease of implementation," said Dr. Elaine Saunders, CEO of Dynamic Hearing. "Not only were we confident in using Dspfactory's technology, but we also saw a clear benefit in establishing closer ties through a joint marketing and collaboration partnership."

Dynamic Hearing is a venture capital-backed software company spun off from the Cooperative Research Centre for Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid Innovation, affiliated with the University of Melbourne. Its mission is to widely deploy its signal processing software into the hearing health market and then seek out other vertical markets such as headsets.

Geoff Bellew, vice president, sales and marketing Dspfactory, agreed that the relationship will be beneficial to both companies. "The scientists and audiologists at Dynamic Hearing have developed world-class algorithms," he said. "We look forward to helping them to offer their solutions to our growing customer base of manufacturers in both the hearing aid market and beyond."

About Dynamic Hearing and ADRO Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd. of Melbourne, Australia is a venture-capital backed technology company that develops innovative software solutions targeted for hearing aids, and other listening devices. Its patented ADRO (Adaptive Dynamic Range Optimization) algorithm has been compared to different compression systems and has shown a strong audibility advantage for soft sounds and a significant improvement in speech perception in background noise. In trials comparing ADRO to compression, listeners preferred ADRO in four out of five situations. For more information, visit

About Dspfactory Dspfactory Ltd., a fabless semiconductor company, is a leading-edge developer of ultra-miniaturized, ultra-low power, software-programmable, digital signal processing (DSP) technology. Dspfactory's mission is to embed its unique technology ubiquitously into a wide range of market applications. Its target markets include hearing aids, headsets, personal digital assistants, personal digital audio players, embedded sensors, baseband wireless devices, cellular telephones, or any other portable, battery-powered DSP-based product where size and power consumption are as important as flexible, advanced software processing capabilities. To support the development and implementation of signal processing software solutions on its technology platforms, Dspfactory also provides a complete set of easy-to-use support tools and services, ranging from software development and testing tools to custom DSP software development and engineering services. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Geoff Bellew
VP Sales and Marketing
Dspfactory Ltd.
Tel: +1 519 884 9696 Ext. 2280

Elaine Saunders
President and CEO
Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd.
Tel: +61 3 9650 5057

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