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October 25, 2002

Bionic ear is not necessarily a boon

From: Canberra Times, Australia
Oct. 25, 2002

Letters to the editor

Friday, 25 October 2002

I AM THE mother of a 21-month-old baby and am profoundly deaf, a result of Waardenburg Syndrome.

I am personally horrified that parents of Jonah Roberts, a six-month-, old baby, David and Rachelle Roberts have agreed to remove his basic human rights under the United Nations Charter by being fitted with a bionic ear without his consent. I really don't need to hear my parents say ™I love youš. I see my parents saying that in other forms that is, sign language. That in itself is good enough to know that I'm being loved. , The article implies that it is the mother who's being disadvantaged, not the baby. Jonah will now forever grow up in an artificial world of sounds, denying him the rights to know the real world. , Shame, shame! , RACHEL MIERS , Kambah ,

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